Site Home Page

Access this page at Your sites are listed here (including your Weebly Developer Test Site).

Site Home in the Weebly Editor

The Site Home displays a dashboard with cards that offer information about the current site. Some cards display Weebly-specific information, like tips and stats about a user’s site. You can create dashboard cards for your app that display here as well.

​After users install your app, you can configure the install flow so that they end up on Site Home. This is especially helpful if your app includes a dashboard card. You can also configure the flow so that the user ends up in a takeover frame from your dashboard card. More on the install flow here.

Developer Admin Portal

Accessed from, here’s where you create a developer account, configure your apps, upload, and maintain them.

Main page of Dev Admin portal

​​To access the Admin Portal, click Dev Admin Portal at the upper right corner of this doc site (

Once you upload an app, you manage it from its details page. On the main page of the portal, click the application’s name.

App details page in the Dev Admin

​From here, you can:

  • Review the information about the app, such as client ID, the Secret code, contact info, number of installs and ratings.
  • Create and edit a demo site to showcase your app to your customers.
  • View your application in the App Center and see what customers see when they shop for your application.
  • Install the application to your test site.
  • Submit your app for review by Weebly.
  • Upload a new version.
  • Read and respond to customer reviews.
  • Review and download payments you’ve reported for your app. If errors are found, you can correct them.


On the Site Home page, choose a site (you have a developer site by default) and click Edit Site to access the editor, where you can test your app.

Site dropdown on the Site Home page

​When users install an app with an element, the new element is highlighted in the element tray.

New app in the Editor

You can configure the app’s installation flow so that the customer is asked to publish the site. This is especially helpful when your app is a snippet that is not activated until the site is published.

App Center

Once you’re done developing your app and it passes Weebly review, it will be posted to the App Center where users can access and download it. Users access the App Center from the Apps navigation menu in the Editor or from the Element Sidebar of the Editor by clicking the Add App button, or by visiting

Accessing the App Center from the Editor

​The top of the App Center displays collections of apps. A collection is a curated group of apps that all share some sort of functionality, like boosting traffic or increasing sales.

The Weebly App Center

​Weebly determines which apps to add to a collection based on things like how well the app is selling and how well the app follows Weebly requirements. So if you want your app to be included in a collection, be sure to pay attention to those!

Below the collections are a few apps recommended specifically for the current site, based on what the user has told Weebly about the site. For example, if the user selected an eCommerce template, a coupon app might be recommended.

All apps are displayed below the recommendations. The user can filter by category and sub-category, and within a category, view the most popular, the highest rated, new apps or free apps.

Categories in the App Center

When you click on an App Card, the app’s page displays, where the user can learn about the app and its pricing, and read reviews.

App details in the App Center

​Users manage installed apps by clicking the Manage link in the Installed Apps section of the Editor sidebar.

Click the Manage link to manage apps

​Or they ​can go directly to the My Apps page by clicking the Settings tab.

Managing an app in the Editor

​From here they can rate the app, view the app’s info page, and remove the app. If you provide a manage link in the manifest, then a Manage button displays that will take them out of the Editor and into your site, where they can manage their account with you.

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