Weebly users that install your app can leave a review. ​How you manage those reviews, especially negative ones, can greatly impact how well your app will do in the App Center.

How Users Review Your App

Users rate and leave reviews either from the App’s page in the App Center or from the My Apps section of the Settings tab in the editor. Reviewers must both rate and review the app; they can’t rate it without leaving review comments, and they can’t add comments without a rating.

Creating a review in My Apps
Creating a review in My Apps

Rating stars are shown on the App Card in the App Center and are an average of all ratings received.

Rating stars in the App Center
Rating stars in the App Center

Reviews and ratings are displayed on the App Page and show the reviewers name and the date the review was last updated. Newest reviews are shown first (if the currently logged in user has left a review, then that is shown first).

Reviews on the app's page

​Apps that have been released for less than 30 days display a NEW icon and the average rating is not shown until it has at least 5 reviews, ensuring that the average is well balanced.

New apps won't show ratings

​We want to see your app succeed, so if after 30 days, your app still has less than 5 reviews, we’ll continue to display the NEW icon until the app has five reviews or it’s been released for 90 days.

​Once a customer posts a review, they can edit or delete the review. Only one review is allowed per user.

You can proactively ask your customers to review your app by linking directly to the review modal. Simply append #review to the URL of your app’s page in the App Center. For example, if your App Page URL is https://www.weebly.com/app-center/call-out-box, the link to the review modal would be https://www.weebly.com/app-center/call-out-box#review.

Manage Reviews

Whenever a user posts a review of your app, you receive an email at your developer email address (unless you opt out of emails) containing the review and the rating. The customer’s email will be in the reply-to field so that you can directly communicate with them. Your replies by email will be private, between you and your customer only.

​ Reviews also display in the Review tab of the Dev Admin portal.

Review tab in the Dev Admin portal

Here, you’ll see the total number of reviews, plus your app’s average rating. Reviews are listed in the order that they are received, with the most recent at the top.

​Each posting shows the following:

  • Reviewer’s name
  • Reviewer’s email (as a link). Replying using this email link remains private.
  • Date the review was last updated
  • Rating
  • Review text
  • Version of the app
  • Public reply link. Replying from this link will post your reply on the App’s page, directly beneath the review.

There is also a link where you can report abuse if you feel that the review contains inappropriate comments (for example, spam or inappropriate language).

Reviews in the Dev Admin portal

Communicate Privately with Your Customers

Each review includes the reviewer’s email so that you can communicate directly with your customers. If you happen to get a negative review, it’s always best to deal with it as soon as possible. Contact the user and work to fix any issues. Users can modify their review, so once a former negative reviewer is satisfied with a solution, ask him to modify his original post.

When communicating with a user, always be sure to:

  • Appreciate their concern.
  • Get all needed information the first time, so you’re not continually bugging them with questions.
  • Never ask them for their credentials to log into their site in order to troubleshoot. Instead, ask them to create you as an editor.
  • Keep them updated, especially if you’ve come up with a resolution, or if it’s taking longer than you expected to get their issue resolved.
  • Ask for a modified review. If you’ve fixed a problem and the user is happy, ask them to spread the love. If you’ve released a new version that’s a great improvement, ask former reviewers to modify their comments, reflecting your changes.
  • Include any important URLs. Any URLs in your reply will be converted to links.
  • Use the reviews to help drive the next version of your app. When potential users see that you actively listen and respond to comments, they’re much more likely to use your product!

Communicate Publicly

There may be times when you want to publicly address a review comment so that all users can view your response. For example, if you’ve fixed your app in response to a negative review, publicly replying that it’s fixed would benefit future customers. Use the Public Review link to post a public response to a review.

Keep the following in mind when posting publicly:

  • Your post can be read by every Weebly user.
  • No personal information (such as phone numbers, site or other ID numbers) should ever be posted.
  • You should always consider replying privately first. A public post should only be used to communicate with all users and potential users of your app, and not a single user.
  • Include any important URLs. Any URLs in your reply will be converted to links.

Your response displays directly below the initial review, both in the App page and in the Reviews tab of the Dev Admin portal. You can edit and delete the response once posted. In addition, the user who posted that review will receive an email with your response.

Report Abuse

If you feel that a review is abusive (contains spam or other unauthorized content, represents a conflict of interest, or otherwise violates Weebly polices), you can report it to Weebly by clicking the Report Abuse link displayed below the review. Weebly will review the comment and will either:

  • Agree that the review is abusive. The review will be deleted and won’t count in the average rating.
  • Disagree that the review is abusive. The review will remain in the App Center and can no longer be flagged as abusive.

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