As a developer you’ll have access to the Dev Admin portal where you manage your presence in the Weebly App Center along with your apps.

Main page in the Dev Admin portal
Main page in the Dev Admin portal

To create a developer account, if you don’t already have one, create a basic Weebly account by visiting


Weebly has a new editor meant for use by eCommerce intenders that do not have much experience creating websites. At this time, the new editor does not support third-party apps or have access to the App Center. When you create your Weebly account, you need to be sure that it is associated with the standard editor that does support apps.

Don’t worry, the standard editor fully supports eCommerce and you’ll be able to test your app in a fully functional editor.

When you’re asked if you want a store, be sure to pick that you “just need a site” to get routed to the standard editor.

If instead, your editor looks this, then you have the new editor and need to have your account moved in order to create apps. Please contact via the form inside Dev Admin to make that happen.

New editor that does not support third-party apps

Once your account and site are created, access the Developer Admin portal by navigating to and log in using your Weebly account just created.

A dialog displays the name and email associated with your Weebly account. By default, these will be used for your developer account. You can change them if you want.

Add the following information:

  • A description about yourself. This will display on your App card in the App Center.
  • The URL to your company’s web site. This is where you want your customers to visit for more information about your app, your other products and services, your company, etc.
  • An optional phone number​

This info displays on your Developer Card in the App Center:

Your info on the App's detail page

​Read and accept the Developer agreement and save your information.

The Developer Admin portal opens. This is where you’ll create and manage apps, upload new versions, reset API keys, set pricing, view comments, and review payments you’ve made to Weebly. Bookmark this page for easier access: or access it from the top of this documentation.

Once you create and upload a draft of your app, you’ll be given a special test site for it. You can also create a demo site for your app.

Dev Admin portal

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