​Here are the 3 different email addresses you’ll need to create for your app:

  • Account email: Asked for when you create your Weebly account. It’s the account you use to log into Weebly. We send emails about reviewing your app and general Weebly information to this account. If you want to download a CSV of your reported revenue, it will be sent to this address.
  • Developer email: Asked for when you register your first app. This email appears in the App Center on the Developer Card, so customers might use this email to get in touch with you about your company. This is also the email that user reviews are sent to.

  • Support email: Asked for when you upload your first app. This initially defaults to your developer email, but you can change it. And you can use a different one for each app you create. This is displayed on the App Card in the App Center and is what your customers use to contact you when they have a question about your app.

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