Weebly selects several apps each month to promote to our customers in the App Center collections, social media, emails, and other channels. We select apps we think our customers will love, and monitor the app’s performance to ensure it’s a great fit.

A number of factors are considered when determining the apps we promote. To improve an app’s chance of promotion, the app must:

  • Have been available in the App Center for several weeks
  • Have received a steady number of installs
  • Have accrued enough well rated user reviews to show that users love the app
  • Be of top-notch quality
  • Have excellent customer support
  • Highlight the power of the Weebly platform
  • Use dashboard cards (when appropriate) to greatly enhance the customer experience
  • Provide a tutorial to help customers get started with the app (when appropriate)
  • Have an outstanding listing page, including professional-quality graphics, icons, and a well-formatted and compelling description.

If your app meets the criteria above, you can request to be featured by submitting this form.

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