When doing rapid development or prototyping of an app, it can be time consuming to upload via the Dev Admin portal. Instead, you can use our CLI Ruby Gem that streamlines this process. The gem zips and uploads your files to Weebly, and installs the app to your Developer test Site. You can use this gem with your development process, so that anytime you update files, you trigger an upload of your updates to Weebly.

Install the Gem

You can install using RubyGems (recommended) or manually.


  • Install RubyGems. You can follow the installation instructions on the official RubyGems Installation page (Windows users, please be sure to download the correct Ruby installer for your system from the official Ruby download page, as well as the appropriate development kit).
  • Download the Weebly Bundler gem from our GitHub page to a directory named weeblybundler.

​To install using RubyGems

Navigate to the directory where you have downloaded the gem and enter: gem install weeblybundler

To manually install:

  1. ​Download the source code:

    git clone git@github:Weebly/weeblybundler.git 

  2. Change to the weeblybundler directory and install dependencies, including the Weebly Bundler.

   cd weeblybundler
   gem install bundler
   bundle install
  1. Run the following from the weeblybundler directory to install the gem to your gemset. 
gem build pkg/weeblybundler.gemspec
gem install pkg/weeblybundler-[GEM-VERSION].gem

Use the Gem to Upload an App

When you use the bundler, if your app is still in a draft state and you upload without changing the version, the new zip is automatically installed to your developer test site and the previous version is overwritten. If you change the version, then previous versions are retained but you’ll need to install it manually to your site.


  1. If not already done, register your app.
  2. Make sure that your client_id is set in the app’s manifest.
  3. Set your client_id and secret as environment variables. This is how the gem will know the correct site to install the app to. These values are shown on the app’s management page in the Dev Admin portal.

    export WEEBLY_CLIENT_ID=client_id && export WEEBLY_SECRET=secret

To use the gem to upload an app: Run the following, where /Path/To/Element/Directory is the path to where your app’s zip file is located on your machine: 

weeblybundle app /Path/To/Element/Directory

Rapid Prototype with the Gem

To get the most out of the Weebly Platform, we recommend using the--watch flag that monitors a directory and runs the gem automatically.

To use the flag, run the following:

weeblybundle app /Path/To/Element/Directory --watch

Anytime you change a file in that directory, the gem runs: the files are zipped and that zip file is uploaded to your site. Refresh your browser to view the updated app or theme in Weebly.

If you’ve updated the version in the manifest, you’ll need to install the new version to the site from the Dev Admin portal. If the version hasn’t changed, the changes are automatically added to the editor, you just need to refresh to see the changes.

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