Announce Your App

Congratulations! Your app is now live and ready to share with others. We love to see tweets, email campaigns, blog posts, and more announcing your new Weebly integration with your user base.

Interested in a press release? Please email a draft for our review at prior to releasing.

Weebly Badges

​Use our Weebly badges on your web site or anywhere you advertise your app, to link directly to your app in the App Center.

We provide two sizes (one for retina display) and two color schemes (blue on white and the reverse).

Dark blue Weebly badge
Light blue Weebly badge

​Download the badges here.

We also have a complete press kit that includes Weebly logos, available for download here.

Please note the following about using the badges and logos:

  • Don’t change the badge or logo, other than to resize it (aspect ratio must remain the same)
  • Logos and badges cannot be cropped
  • Do not change colors of logos or badges, even to change to black and white
  • Link the badge to your app in the App Center. The URL to your app is<your-app-name>
  • Use of the badge is subject to Weebly terms and conditions

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