Per the Weebly App Developer Agreement, as a partner developing an app, you are entitled to 70% of gross collected revenue and Weebly is entitled to the remaining 30%. You are responsible for reporting that revenue to Weebly as it occurs using the Payment Notifications API.

App Payment Flow

Weebly doesn’t handle payment processing from your customers. You’ll need to implement that in your app. Typically, the flow looks like this:

  • The site owner downloads and installs your app.
  • You use your OAuth redirect to send the user to a page on your site where they can pay for the app.
  • You process payment with a service of your choice.

To limit user access (for example if they didn’t pay their monthly fees), you can programmatically disconnect them.

Report Revenue

You use the Weebly Payment Notifications API to report every app transaction that results in receiving a payment or giving a refund/credit. This includes things like sales, refunds, renewals, upgrades, recurring charges, credits, etc. You must report these transactions using the API as they happen.

​Use the API to report the method (purchase or refund), the kind of payment (single, setup, recurring, trial, cancel, upgrade, or downgrade), the gross amount (the amount the customer paid - do NOT deduct any processing fees), and the payable amount of the transaction, based on the gross amount. You also give each type of transaction a name. For a refund notification to post correctly, the app must still be installed on the customer’s site. If it has already been removed, contact Weebly Dev Support to process the notification.

​Test Your Reporting

​Testing that your payment notification has been received is part of the requirements for having your app approved. You must use the testpurchase and testrefund method field values to test the payment notification API. All successful posts will return a Status 200 message.

​For example, to test an install fee, you might post this:

    user_id: *autofilled*
    site_id: *autofilled*
    name: "HipApp Test Install Fee"
    method: "testpurchase"
    kind: "single"
    term: "forever"
    gross_amount: 10.00
    payable_amount: 3.00
    currency: "USD"
    detail: "Test payment for HipApp install"

 Once you’ve reported revenue using the Payment Notification API, use the Payment Log in the Developer Admin to review and verify your notifications.

Review Your Payment Notifications

The Payment Log tab on an app’s detail page of the Developer Admin displays every record you’ve reported for that app. The table lists the date of the payment, the user and site that purchased the app, the name of the payment, the method, the gross amount paid by the customer, the net you keep, and the payable amount you owe to Weebly, all as received via the API. You can browse through the entries or search for a specific entry by User or Site ID. You can also sort by column.

This information can also be be emailed to you as a CSV file by clicking the Export All button. The file is sent to the account’s email.

Payment log in the Developer Admin
Payment log in the Developer Admin

Correct a Revenue Entry

If you find an entry that needs to be changed, click that entry, and in the modal, click Make Correction. Change the data as needed. You can change anything except the IDs and timestamp. Don’t forget to save your changes!

Correcting an entry in the payment log
Correcting an entry in the payment log

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