When you’ve uploaded the final version of your app, it’s ready for our review. Weebly will review your app, its install and management flow, any dashboard cards, any element tutorial content, and your App Card and page and demo site, and will notify you of any changes needed before it can be posted to the App Center. This review process takes place on first submission of your app, as well as subsequent updates. Make sure you use the review checklist first to ensure your app follows all guidelines and works as we expect.

Submit Your App For Review

After you’ve uploaded your final version, Weebly needs to review it before it can be released to the App Center. You need to determine if you want it released automatically, once it’s approved, or if you want to manually release it.

To submit your app and determine the release method:

  1. Go into the the Developer Admin Portal page for the final version.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Automatic Release to have the app released as soon as it’s approved by Weebly, or click Manual to come back into the portal and release it manually.
  3. Click ​Submit for Review.

App Review Process

Weebly’s app review process is designed to ensure every app posted to our App Center provides an amazing user experience for our customers. The best way to ensure a timely review is to adhere to our app policy requirements, read our documentation when creating your app, fully test your app once it’s complete, and lastly, use our review checklist before submitting for review.

The review of each app is broken into two components: a functional review and a product review. The functional review takes 1-2 weeks to be completed. Be sure to review the App Review Checklist before submitting, as any changes that need to be made will require a new submission and extended review time.

Once your app passes the first round of review, the product review will take an additional 1-2 weeks before your app is given final approval and published live in the App Center.

Functional Review

In this first phase, our App Review Team tests your app’s functionality to ensure its quality.

Functional testing includes:

  • Using your app on a variety of devices and browsers to ensure it functions properly and looks good on both large and small screens.
  • If it includes a dashboard card, viewing the card on a variety of browsers, and after using your app, ensuring the card displays correct and updated information.
  • Reviewing your app’s listing page, price plan, and demo site for compliance with our policies.
  • Ensuring your app complies with all App Requirements.

Please ensure you’ve fully tested your app and reviewed our App Policy Review Checklist before submitting for review. We’ll happily let you know about those hard-to-find bugs we come across, but if the App Review Team feels you have not fully QA’d your app, we will end the review early.

If we find functional issues in this phase, we’ll send you an email to let you know, and ask you to fix those issues before resubmitting. Apps can only proceed to Product Review once all functional issues have been addressed.

Product Review

Once your app has passed the Functional Review and meets our minimum requirements, our Product Team will review your app to ensure its user experience and quality matches that of the core Weebly experience.

Product testing includes:

  • Ensuring your app is valuable and has wide appeal to our customers.
  • If an element tutorial exists, that it is needed and is helpful to the user.
  • If a dashboard card exists, ensuring it is necessary and useful for the site owner. If a dashboard card doesn’t exist, determining that one isn’t needed for a better user experience.
  • Assessing all user flows and onboarding for ease of use and a great user experience.
  • Determining if your app’s functionality will require customers to be on a Weebly plan prior to installation.

At this phase, we may ask you to make changes prior to approval, or may simply make recommendations for future versions.

App Approval

Congratulations! If your app passes Product Review, you’ll receive an email telling you your app has been approved. If you’ve chosen to automatically release it, the app will now be in the App Center. If you chose to manually release it, any time after it’s approved you can go into the the Developer Admin Portal page for the final version and click Release.

Once your first version has been approved, subsequent updates will be reviewed more quickly in an abbreviated version of this process. Keep in mind that as our policies and platform change over time, we may re-review apps and request additional changes in order to stay in the App Center. We will give as much notice as possible before any such changes.

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