After you’ve uploaded your application, you’ll want to view it in the App Center, and then install it on your test site to view and QA it.

To view your app in the App Center, from the app’s admin page and click View in App Center. Don’t worry - it’s not live in the App Center until Weebly approves it! But this is a true representation of how your app and its graphics/video, features, descriptions, and pricing will look. You can test how your demo site will display in the takeover by clicking the Live Demo button.

View your app in the App Center
View your app in the App Center

​If you are working on an updated version of your app, when you click View in App Center you’ll see the current active version in the App Center and not your draft version. To view how the draft version will display, edit the URL to add the version parameter. For example, if the link to your app in the App Center is and your draft is version 2.1.0, edit the URL to be

To install your application to a test site, click Install to Site. All sites associated with your user name display in the dropdown. Choose Weebly Developer Test Site (this is the developer site created for you when you registered) and click Install. Be sure to test your app in the editor. If you created a tutorial, test that it displays properly and that the instructions and descriptions are correct. Publish the site and test the functionality on the published site. If you charge money for your app, test reporting of revenue. Refer to the App Policy Review checklist to make sure you test everything that Weebly will be testing!

As a developer, you can install multiple versions of your app onto your development site (and only your development site). When you reinstall your app, any previously installed versions will not be overwritten - you will have multiple versions installed to your test site. If you don’t wish to have multiple versions, be sure to delete your previous version from the Manage page before installing a newer version.

If your app contains a snippet, then you likely don’t want both versions. To avoid any conflicts between versions and to ensure that the most current version is installed:

  • Delete the snippet from the site
  • Publish the site
  • Install the new version
  • Publish the site again

Note that this is not the case for your customers. When you release a new version of your app, any customer that has it installed will automatically receive the new version and will have the older version uninstalled for them.

​Repeat the install, development, and published site testing from a mobile device using the Weebly mobile app, to be sure nothing breaks on smaller devices. Also make sure to test the scenario where a user may own multiple sites and wants to install your app onto more than one site.

Some testing notes:

  • If your app includes a dashboard card, test that card and any takeover content in Site Home. Be sure to test the full lifecycle of the card, including updates.
  • To test order payment API calls, create some products in your test store and price them at $0. You can create a test account with Stripe.
  • If your app includes webhooks and this is a new version, any webhook subscriptions previously configured in the manifest will be deleted and replaced with subscriptions defined in the new version. Subscriptions managed by the API will be copied over to the new version.
  • As part of GDPR compliance, Weebly displays a cookie notification banner on published sites when visited from a European IP address. You need to ensure that your app does not display on top of this banner. If it does, adjust the z-index to be less than the banner’s setting.

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