You can upload your app using the Developer Admin portal or using a RubyGem. If you want to use the gem, see GitHub/IDE Development Integration. Be sure any upload adheres to the required application file structure and manifest structure. After you’ve uploaded your application, you’ll want to install it on your test site to view and QA it.

Package Your App

Your app needs to be delivered as a zip file. Create a zip file FROM the root directory and not OF the root directory. In other words, open the root directory (where the manifest.json file should be), select all files/directories, and create a zip of those. If you create a zip of the root directory, your zip file will not upload to Weebly. Also, make sure all directories and files have read/write permissions.

Upload Using the Developer Admin Portal

You upload new versions from the admin page for your application. From the Developer Admin portal page, click the application name to open up its admin page. Click Upload New Version, navigate to the ZIP file that contains your latest application bundle, and click Upload new ZIP.

Once you upload your zip, you can fill out the rest of this page to get it ready for the App Center. Be sure to follow the guidelines when completing this page.

Once you’re done, you can save the zip and your entries:

  • To save a version of your app to test, or for your own review, click Save Draft.
  • To save a version to release for review, click Submit for Review. Weebly will review your app and then release it. If any issues are found, you will be contacted.


When you upload a new zip, you can elect to version your app. To do this, change the version number in the manifest, and that will then be reflected on the app’s admin page. Note that the version number is displayed to your customers, so once you release an app to the App Center, you should definitely increment any future versions. We require semantic versioning.

App updates are not automatically deployed to users’ published sites. Apps will be updated to the newest version when the site editor is loaded, but the site must be published to upgrade the elements and snippets on the live site.

You can have only one active or in-review version at a time (you can have as many draft versions as you want). See the lifecycle flowchart for more info.

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