We’ll be zipping up our development directory to deliver the app, so we need to create a directory structure that’s valid for Weebly.

  1. On your local machine, create a directory named PriceChart. This is the root level directory.
  2. As a child to that directory, create a sub-directory and name it files. ​The root directory may contain one or more elements as part of the total app. Since our app is a single element, we’ll create just this one sub-directory.
  3. Within the files directory, create the following sub-directories:
    • css
    • html
    • js
    • assets
  4. From the sample app directory that you unzipped (from the prerequisites step), copy the icon.svg file to the PriceChart/files directory. We won’t be creating this icon in the tutorial, and you’ll need it in order to upload your app.
  5. From the sample app assets directory that you unzipped, copy all the .png files into the new assets directory. We’ll use these when we create the App Center listing.

Your directory structure should now look like this:

App directory structure