Now that we’re done customizing the theme, let’s take a screenshot so that it can display in the Weebly Theme Gallery, shown when a user creates a site.

  1. If you’re not in the Code Editor, from the Theme tab, click Edit HTML/CSS.

  2. In the Code Editor, take a screenshot of the theme from the preview below the code. If your screenshot app allows it, try to make the size of the screenshot 1590px wide, 894px high, with a DPI of 480, and saved as a JPG. Or you can edit the shot after taking it to meet these requirements.

  1. Save the screenshot to a local directory with the name screenshot.jpg.

​The screenshot needs to be part of the zip file that you’ll upload to Weebly. We’ll do that in the next step.

What Just Happened?

You took a screenshot of the theme to be used in the Weebly Theme Gallery.