This is the main blog partial that displays the sidebar and the content of the blog.

layout.tpl partial


The partials in this directory are used to display the comments to a blog post. The comments directory contains these partials:

  • list.tpl
  • reply-button.tpl
Blog comments partials


The partials in this directory provide the content that appears in the sidebar of a blog. The modules directory includes these partials:

  • archives.tpl
  • categories.tpl
  • rss.tpl
Blog sidebar partials


This partial provides the “Read More” link that appears on the main page, where only a preview of the blog appears.

More partial


Provides the Next and Forward links at the bottom of a blog post.

Pagination partial


Partial for the blog post, including title, date, comment count, separator, and post content.

Blog post partial

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