The partials in this directory display category hierarchies, as well as the products in those categories. ​​


When a site is configured to use a sidebar, this partial displays categories in that sidebar, and the corresponding products to the right. Otherwise, it displays a breadcrumb of categories with corresponding products below.

The main commerce partial

The main.tpl partial includes a number of other pages that use the following partials.


The hierarchy partial displays the hierarchy of categories. It references itself to create a nested hierarchy.

The hierarchy partial


This partial provides the next and previous links when there are more products to display.

Pagination partial


The product partial displays the product images, titles, inventory level alerts, and prices (sale and regular) in the category grouping.

Product partial


The subcategory partial displays the subcategory images and titles.

Subcategory partial


The mini cart partials display the dropdown cart for the site. ​


The empty partial displays the text when the cart is empty.

Empty partial


The footer partial displays the subtotal for the cart and the checkout button.

Footer partial


The item partial shows the items in the cart.

Item partial


The product partials display the product page where the user can view a product and add it to the cart.


This partial displays the product page.

Main product partial

The main.tpl partial displays the product information and includes the following partials:

  • images.tpl: Displays the large image and, if available, thumbnails of additional images.
  • inventory.tpl: Provides the text for when the inventory is low, based on the quantity of products to be added to the cart.
  • long-description.tpl: Provides an area below the images where other elements can be added.
  • quantity.tpl: Displays the selected quantity.
  • short-description.tpl: Displays the short description.
  • sku.tpl: Displays the sku number
  • title.tpl: Displays the title
Product partials included in the main.tpl partial


These partials display the social icons that the user can click to share the product:

  • facebook.tpl
  • pinterest.tpl
  • twitter.tpl ​* plus.tpl
Social partials

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