To begin customizing a theme, you can download our Base theme and import it as a starting point. Or open any theme in the Code Editor and begin editing its files. As you open a theme in the editor, the theme is cloned and Weebly saves it as MyTheme, so you won’t overwrite the original. When you click Save, you can change the name to something more appropriate.

Here’s an overview on how to create a theme. Click on the links for detailed instructions.

  1. Find a theme that you want to start with and open it in the editor (don’t try to create a theme from scratch). Or import our Base theme, and start from there.

  2. If you want to use external tools, export the theme you want to use as a base.

  1. Implement the CSS or LESS. The quickest way to start seeing changes in your theme is to start editing or adding styles. You can look at the styles from other themes for ideas and inspiration.

  2. Optionally edit or create the HTML template files. You’ll need a template for each header type that you want your theme to use. Add optional header areas or sections.

  3. Edit and/or create partials. You can edit the partials to change parts of a page and you can create your own partials to include in other pages.

  4. Optionally add color variations, color palettes, and user options for your theme. ​
  5. If working externally, zip up the theme, import it, and test. ​
  6. Create the theme’s screenshot. ​
  7. Repeat Steps 3-7 until you’re done!

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