Issues with Published Sites

Weebly themes may be updated to accomodate changes elsewhere in Weebly. While the Editor may pick up these changes, your customized theme on a published site may not. If you suddenly notice issues with a theme on a published site, try republishing.


By default, JavaScript is not currently enabled in themes. If you’d like to use JavaScript you can, but be aware of the following issues:

Using $ to access JQuery​

​Weebly uses the Prototype JavaScript framework, which also uses $. Using $ to access JQuery will not work. If you need to use JQuery, we recommend the following:

// closure
(function($) {

​ and

// dom:ready
jQuery(function($) {

Display in the editor

In the editor, the site’s markup will not be present when the DOM ready event fires. So while in the editor, your JavaScript may not execute as you expect. ​

Event handlers persist after switching themes

If your JavaScript registers handlers (say for example, for onClick), those handlers remain loaded even if the user switches themes. To avoid this, the handler should check the current theme first.

Can’t use RequireJS

Both RequireJS and Weebly use window.required(), and so one might overwrite the other. You cannot use RequireJS at this point.

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