Blog Requirements

There are two types of blog pages: blog index pages (the first page that contains links to posts), and blog post pages (the actual posts). Following are the expected components on each page.

Blog Index Page

  • Blog post title link, date, and comment count link
  • Blog post content (potentially abbreviated)
  • Sidebar (title, paragraph, archive links, category links)
  • Social sharing links

Blog Post Page

  • Blog post title link, date and comment count
  • Blog post content
  • Sidebar (title, paragraph, archive links, category links)
  • Add comment link and social sharing links
  • Nested comments

Store Requirements

Pages in the store area include category pages (multiple products belonging to the same category, displayed on one page), and product pages.

Storefront pages are grouped into two types, those for product categories and sub-categories, and those for featured products.

Product Page

  • H2-product title
  • Product SKU
  • Product images (main and secondary)
  • Product price (regular and sale)
  • Product availability
  • Product description (short)
  • Social icons
  • Product options (radio buttons, color selectors, dropdown menu)
  • Quantity field
  • Product button (add to cart)
  • Product description (long)

Category Page

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Sub-categories
  • H2-Category title
  • Product thumbnails
  • Product prices (regular and sale)

Search Requirements

Search functionality includes a special search results page.

Search Results Page

  • Title
  • Search field
  • Results
  • Product filtering sidebar

    (appears if Store is enabled and user searches for product related term)

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