The easiest way to create a custom theme is start with an existing theme and then modify it. You can use our Base theme as a great starting point. We have a version that supports CSS and one that supports LESS. ​

To download a theme and begin customizing:

  1. Download the Base theme (see links below) to a local directory.

    Theme source is available on Github, here:

  2. Repackage the zip file.

    The zip file must contain the contents of the theme’s root directory, and NOT the root directory folder itself. However, when using GitHub, the zip includes that root folder. Extract and then rezip only the contents (and not the root directory).

  3. Open your test site. In the Weebly editor, click the Theme tab.

  4. Click Change Theme, and at the bottom, click Import Theme, and upload the zip.

  5. Apply the Base theme to your site.

    Go to Design > Change Theme, click Custom Themes, and click Choose to apply it, or Edit to edit the theme (the name of the theme is the same as the zip’s file name).

Along with all the files needed to use the theme in a Weebly site, you can also download a zip file of design assets, including Sketch and PSD design files for the Base theme. These resources will help you understand the anatomy of a Weebly theme.

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